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Carthago Motorhomes 2014: New Subsidiary Brand, New Series, Many Novelties in Detail

New: Campers malibu a company of Carthago
New: c-compactline - Sleek, Ultra-Lightweight Integrated Motorhomes
New: Airbag / ESP Series, Unique Lightning Protection Concept
New: Unique Dressing Room, More Comfort Details
New: Top Main Cabin Technology Refined in Detail
New: Interior and Exterior Design Gently Upgraded
Carthago Has Been Successful in Fiscal Year 2012/2013
Carthago-City: More Than a Factory, Exhibition Sneak Preview
Approx. 900 Employees, Extensive Junior Staff Development


Whippet-thin and ultra-lightweight: the new Carthago c-compactline. The 3.0 t class.

Slender premium integrated vehicle with double floor and AL-KO low chassis
Compact width, low weight nudging the record
Three modern and comfortable layouts
Living floor on one level, high-performance on-board technology
Safety right from the factory: new safety package standard for the series


c-tourer super-lightweight: Extended programme, maximum safety, many improvements

Super light and extremely solid - the 3.5 t class
Range extended to eight models
Unrivaled level of safety as standard
Top class cabin design refined in more detail
Traveling comfort improved even further

T-Models: striking new design, more model options, clearly arranged

T-Models: New programme, folding bed for all
Unmistakable design with brand-specific nose
c-tourer T: affordable step into the premium class
Extensive safety equipment as standard
Chic c-line T: the most comfortable among the part-integrated
Out of six make twelve chic c-line T with folding bed


chic c-line: Top safety, series standard: interior and exterior further upgraded

Ranging from the lightweight chic c-line 3.7 to the large 5.8
More safety: passenger airbag, ESP for two-axle vehicles
More sanitation comfort: the new dressing room
More living comfort: two style worlds to choose from
More sleeping comfort: Carawinx sprung base
More kitchen comfort: ceiling height apothecary drawers
Top superstructure technology, with details further refined


chic e-line/s-line: the enhancement of the c-line, model year 2014 fully upgraded

The enhancement of chic c-line is chic e-line/s-plus
Large stocks, high payload, Ducato or Daily base
New: Central locking and flat windows
Stronger suspension, passenger airbag, ESP for two-axle vehicle
Carawinx sprung frame, the new dressing room
chic s-plus additionally modified


highliner/liner de luxe: Cockpit like a yacht, innovative steering wheel, added comfort

Cockpit in yacht design, innovative steering wheel adjustment
Warm water heating with heating coils inside the dashboard
Tandem windscreen wipers for the liner de luxe
Optional extras from wide screen to dishwasher
New Iveco Eurocargo base, new Toyota IQ long boat


New developments at Carthago: the new "malibu" subsidiary brand starts off with attractive camper buses

malibu: once the highly successful model, now a new subsidiary brand
Two models, modern layouts, comfortable interior
Basic model: Fiat Ducato with high roof
Seating group: clever design of chest
Bathroom: clever trick to make space for the shower
Kitchen: fully and functionally equipped
Bed: comfortable, easy access, very adaptable
On-board technology: high quality for long periods of independence
Equipment and prices: get in and drive off


Thousands of visitors, more than 500 motor homes, celebrity guests: The opening of Carthago City

Official opening of Carthago City at the beginning of May
Customer event: over 1000 visitors, over 500 motor homes
Company staff, members of the public and celebrities were guests


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